About Us

We are group of young entrepreneurs, from ARK SNACKS started ARKKART.COM with a moto of making India a healthy nation , willing or unwillingly we have been forced to use chemical and hazardous products which leads to dangerous diseases like Cancer, Blood pressure, Sugar and many other life style diseases, our aim is bring back the balance with help of natural organic & Ph balanced products,

         We have created this store as part of consumer empowerment program, our sole moto is to create a healthy nation with our made in India Organic & PH balanced products, which will help you and your family to have a better & healthy life, as well cutting product cost with huge margin with our unique business model helping our customers save huge money from there monthly budget

We have partnered with India’sf leading direct selling companies dealing with world class health & personal care products manufactured at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which are GMP certified. an ISO 9001-2015 certified companies and believes in offering world class service levels to all its customers. With over 2000+ online and offline sales outlets pan India, and several distributor centers, we have built a widespread network of distributors, which is constantly expanding every year.

our mission is to to build a global community where people live with abundance of 3Hs- Happiness, Health and Harmony, with the integrated expertise from the veterans of Ayurveda &  wellness

 We have setup this store as part of consumer empowerment program.

Did you know consumers have to bare the burden of the cost of middle men & TV ads, when you buy a product from the market or shop nearby you, 30% of the product price goes to middle men like CNF agents, wholesalers, distributors and another 30% for the TV ads. through consumer empowerment program we avoid these middle men thus saving 60% of the consumer money, hence providing products at best affordable price & with great deals for everyone, empowering our customers